Unique and handcrafted by true Mah Jongg players.

Whether you’re searching for a beautiful gift or something to add form, function and character to your own Mah Jongg set, we will walk you through our processes and some of our existing collections to create exactly what your heart desires.  

Established in 2015, Christine Whitman Designs specializes in the design and creation of hand crafted, custom Mah Jongg racks.  We like to create using varied shapes, textures and materials.  We often have ready-made racks for sale, either here or on Etsy, but our passion lay in the design and creation of unique, one-of-a-kind solutions that perfectly fit your particular need while expressing your personality.

Christine will personally assist you in designing your own unique set of Mah Jongg racks; racks to suit your taste, reflect your personality, and complement your own set of tiles.  From mild to wild, Christine’s designs can be made to fit just about any budget.

Are you Leather & Wood or Glass & Steel?  Diamonds & platinum or plastic and glitter?  We work with so many different materials there literally is no end to the number of paths that lead directly to a set of racks that are uniquely you.

 As my husband likes to say, "We can make anything you want."  

We have some very, very exciting developments on the horizon so check back often and follow us on Facebook to receive product updates as they happen.

Handcrafted Mah Jongg Racks, tiles &  Accessories  

Christine Whitman Designs Mah Jongg Racks




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